Thursday, March 31, 2011

did i tell you....


that we are moving? yep. cross country again. i think it counts as cross country. seattle to dallas. yep. just after we refaced the kitchen, refinished the hardwoods, gutted and rebuilt the fireplace, removed a window and installed french doors, built a post and beam patio. yep. moving. i can't believe it either.

i just spent the last 3 days in texas. my new state. i was hoping to get a feel for the warmer weather, but nope, it was 52 and drizzly the first day and overcast and 60 the next. apparently i packed the seattle weather in my suitcase when i left. of course it's 76 there today. but now i'm here... back in seattle. and exhausted. i looked at houses for 20 hours in 2 days.

i did our preliminary house hunting with the world's best realtor, sylvia. seriously. she's the world's best. each home we walked into she knew which direction the house faced so we could gauge the light in the house. seriously. she's phenomenal and a godsend. made my job so much easier.

we've got our location picked out. where we want to settle. now we've got to sell our house in seattle. wish us luck...

*** not my house, not my future house, but a pretty house similar to those for sale in dallas

Friday, March 25, 2011


we're eating here tonight. i hear it's phenomenal. and one of the best restaurants in seattle. my sister-in-law and her husband are in town. good company, good food always makes for a good night.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


inspiration comes from many places. in this case, a shelter magazine advertisement. this ad for christopher farr cloth caught my eye. i loved the bold blocks of color. and pink and orange is one of my favorite combinations.
i turned it into these. double sided standard size calling cards.
they're perfect for spring! so bright, so colorful.
and then i also made them in my other favorite color combination, greens and turquoises.
you can find all my calling cards here.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

thank you ms fairley

i got an email the other day that a blog post was going up the next day mentioning my calling cards. and who was mentioned them? tobi fairley herself. she's responsible for one of my favorite house beautiful covers ever.
to see the before and afters of this house, pop over here. love the kitchen!!

thank you, ms fairley. i'm thrilled that you like my calling card designs.

Monday, March 21, 2011

velcro face

she takes a running start and lands like this.
stuck to steve's goatee. for several minutes. with her little tail just a-waggin' she so happy. it's a sight.
it reminds me of this.

up tomorrow.... my office space, which you've never really seen. i finally decluttered it and cleaned it this weekend (yes, i know how to have fun on a weekende). but now it's photo ready!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

a day of silence

happy irish day

perfect image for today. this would cheer me up every morning when i went to get my coffee and breakfast. how bout you?

image from here

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

oh, the life

she spends her days like this, curled up on 2 blankets on the verge of a four-hour nap, oblivious to the fact that i'm in the next room sorting thru a year's business receipts for tax prep, answering emails, sending drafts, printing orders, cutting frantically, packaging up orders.

no, i'm not jealous.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

dwell studios at calico corners

i haven't popped into my local calico corners in awhile now. life's been hectic. and when i pop into a fabric store, i usually don't pop. i linger. i linger for about 2 hours. sometimes 3.

but this may give me cause to stop by. dwell studio is now at calico corners.

these are some of my favorites.
we've been stalling on redoing our master bedroom for awhile now. but that pretty plume fabric would be perfect for a pillow or two for what i have in mind.

and to top it off, calico corners is having their annual spring sale right now until march 26. 20% off storewide! i just may have to pop on over.

Monday, March 14, 2011


morning time multitasking. coffee. conference call. and giving pixel her morning rubdown.

i saw these over on bryn's blog recently. i think i need them. i had a pair of the most comfortable adorable wedges that i never saw past our move from atlanta to seattle 4 years ago. i'm thinking one of the packers liked them as much as i did.

learn from me...always pass your cellphone over the bowl of chips and not over the bowl of salsa.

speaking of food.... you must make this. pioneer woman's chicken salad. my mil turned me on to it. it's awesome. we both used a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store instead of boiling our own. i used red onion instead of green. did i mention it was awesome?
and now for the really important stuff.... who do you think brad will choose?

my gut says he'll choose chantel, but i really really want him to choose emily.

Monday, March 7, 2011

the last 5 days

the last few days have been a whirlwind. last thursday afternoon i got an email from an associate producer of the nate berkus show. we all know nate. he's the cutie patootie interior designer who's tight with oprah. now he has his own daily talk show.

the ap said they were planning a segment profiling a few small businesses. would i be interested in being part of the show? interested in coming to nyc to film the segment? having pixelimpress as one of the businesses?

huh?? me??

i don't know if you've ever rec'd a call/email from a talk show. i haven't. you can't predict your reaction. do you scream? do you play it cool? do you frantically calculate if you have time for a haircut, manicure, teeth whitening before the taping? do you mentally go through your closet for the perfect outfit only to realize that as a home-based business you have nothing perfect to wear to meet nate? do you wonder if you can you lose five 15 pounds by taping time? do you try to calculate the massive effect this will have on your business?

we chatted briefly and i answered some questions about pixelimpress and she said she'd contact me the next morning. she did. she said her producer would be following up with a phone call. i waited. i waited some more. in the meantime i did this...

escorted steve to the emergency room.
he woke up saturday morning with heartburn and some other weird symptoms. he worried that it wasn't just heartburn. he has a family history of heart disease. he chose to call 911. 6 paramedics first treated him in our bedroom at 6 am saturday morning. because of his family history they chose to take him by ambulance to the emergency room. i followed. 4 hours later he was released. it was just heartburn. thankfully. but he has this scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

this morning i heard from the ap again. she said they've chosen 3 others for the segment. disappointing? yes. but all's ok. i believe things happen for reasons and if it's not meant to be this time around, perhaps next time. and as all oscar nominees say when they're nominated but don't win the oscar, i'm seriously honored to have been noticed and considered.

and, since today's my birthday, i'm going to celebrate another way. by purchasing this. it's been on my radar for awhile.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

hurry! hurry!

go over here to win 100 pixelimpress calling cards. hurry... she's picking a winner tonight!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


my birthday is coming up this monday. it's a big one. big ones for me end in 0 or 5. this one ends in 5. you'll have to guess which decade.

i started my no carb, no sugar diet monday. perfect timing, huh? no cake for me on my birthday.
that's ok... i'll take one of these instead. giclee prints by paul ferney. do you know of him? he's jordan's husband. i read her blog.

he's having a sale on his cake prints. just $25! normally $39.

they collaborated on this project. she baked the cakes and he painted them. cool, huh?

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