Wednesday, July 31, 2013

hi sugarplum! calling cards

cassie, the popular and hysterical diy/lifestyle blogger (who now has the chicest bob in blogland) contacted me earlier this summer and wanted custom calling cards for her blog for a conference she was attending (and speaking at) in august. after several drafts i came up with these....  my suzani print in shades of aqua (to match her site) and her hi sugarplum! "logo".

and my favorite part.... her social media contact tags are brushstrokes! perfect for the diy'er that she is. (her last name is blanked out below)

and i also created some of her cards in my ikat pattern.

and being the great diy'er that she is, she took these cards to the next level and painted gilded edges on them! (after learning of the trick from camille.)

 she used this pen to create the edge effect.

how awesome are these! i think they're absolutely fabulous!

head over to cassie's post and see her step by step instructions for painting the edge. and you can get your own calling cards to gild over here! (leave me a note at purchase time that you're thinking of gilding the edges and i'll include some scrap paper in your package for you to test the gilding process.)

*** unless labeled, all photos are by cassie.

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