Monday, February 25, 2013


i know i'm totally late to the game, but at least i saw one of the movies that was up for best picture at the oscars last night. (and since when are there NINE movies nominated for best picture.... seriously? didn't there used to be like 5 or 6....).

hubby and i watched argo saturday night. i was happy to see this scene not only because it's a phenomenal movie but especially since it meant the end of a boring awards show. i enjoyed their acceptance speeches. best line of the night was from the 3rd producer who said (sandwiched between clooney and affleck), "i know what you're thinking, the 3 sexiest producers you've ever seen." good one.
photo from here

but i still haven't recovered from the movie. it's tense. tense like if i wasn't sprawled out under a fleece blanket, ice pack, cellphone, and remote control, i would get up, leave the room, take a few deep breaths, and regroup. for me, it ranks right up there with the abyss, where for most of that movie i felt like i was underwater gasping for my last breath. i'm sure you've seen it and you know what i'm talking about. if you don't, rush right over to your remote control and dial it up on 'on demand'.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

my new favorite salad

i used to be a spinach salad gal. my favorite was spinach with mozzarella, bosc pear, coconut flakes and pecans with a vanilla flavored dressing made from protein powder. sounds yummy, huh? can't get it in a restaurant.... you have to make your own. and i did, sometimes every day for weeks.

photo by Marcus Nilsson, from O online
NOW, i make this salad almost every week and munch on it for lunch. it's so tasty. i found it in one of O's recent issues and figured i'd give it a go since i had most ingredients here at the house.

here's my version. it's truly yummy. i add a little pb2 in my dressing. just felt like it was calling for a smidge of peanut taste. and remember, the fresher your kale, the tastier the salad. and see those golden rounds on the plate? that's another recent favorite that goes smashingly well with the salad.... goat cheese rounds. (goat cheese battered in flour, egg, and panko and then sauteed). my in-laws are coming to visit in a few weeks. hope they like kale, cause i'll be serving this.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

pixels wishes...

you all a happy valentine's day. and look... her rabies tag even looks like a heart! how apropos.  i, on the other hand, am going back to bed with my friend nyquil. i shouldn't have bragged that i made it through most of winter without getting sick.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

big ol' sale at the shop

i know, who wants to think about christmas when it's only february. but... you'll thank me come dec 21st. there's a big ol' sale happening on holiday goods at pixelimpress. all holiday items are on sale. 30% off tags. 75% off discontinued tags. and 50% off card sets. go now, get 'em while they last.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

let's get caught up, shall we

well, someone finally noticed that i hadn't updated the blog in a month. thanks, sis. and since i hadn't posted in awhile, i thought i'd give the blog a fresh look with a new header, a collage of my favorite instagram photos. (click on the link on the sidebar to follow me on instagram where i post a photo or two almost daily!)

so... let's get caught up in what's happening around here. our little finnigan is growing like a weed. he keeps us quite busy. finnigan runs at either a 10 or a 0... there's no inbetween. he's either in his crate snoring or running around like a maniac. we have yet to truly cuddle with him. he thinks he can fit everything in his path in his mouth. and he tries. and then you're chasing him around the house like a fool. i know he's laughing to himself when that happens. he throws hissy fits when he doesn't get his way. and he knows EXACTLY when his next meal is and he will let you know as loudly as he can that you are 30 seconds late with his meal. we love him anyway.

here he is in puppy class with his daddy.
we make finnigan suffer hold a "down" pose before he can eat.
his dangling participle.
and his sweet face.
and let's not forget our oldest, pixel. she turned 5 recently. as a friend commented.... "she doesn't look a day over 4!"
she spends her days in the life of luxury.
and in other homefront news, thanks to my bootcamp trainer, meridith, i've rediscovered quinoa. i'm addicted to quinoa and kale cakes . i make a variation of this recipe. they are so good! i usually serve them with guacamole on top.
and who knew carnations lasted so long?? these have been thriving on my kitchen island for the last 2 weeks. like the vase? it's an antique dental spittoon i bought over the holidays. i love the shape and color and try to forget that people at one time spit in it.

here in flat, farm country we see a lot of hot air balloons. i snapped a photo of these guys taking off at the end of our street one weekend.
and in shop news, i've been doing a lot of custom work. here's a sampling.

these minty stripes went out to a favorite customer. i LOVE her logo/signature!
 malachite-inspired business cards for another favorite client in palm beach.
 after i designed those, i found this image online. yep, rolex and i think alike.

more green.
 and some purple.

and a custom baby shower invite for a friend.

 well, that about sums up my january. i'll be back real soon with another post!

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