Monday, February 25, 2013


i know i'm totally late to the game, but at least i saw one of the movies that was up for best picture at the oscars last night. (and since when are there NINE movies nominated for best picture.... seriously? didn't there used to be like 5 or 6....).

hubby and i watched argo saturday night. i was happy to see this scene not only because it's a phenomenal movie but especially since it meant the end of a boring awards show. i enjoyed their acceptance speeches. best line of the night was from the 3rd producer who said (sandwiched between clooney and affleck), "i know what you're thinking, the 3 sexiest producers you've ever seen." good one.
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but i still haven't recovered from the movie. it's tense. tense like if i wasn't sprawled out under a fleece blanket, ice pack, cellphone, and remote control, i would get up, leave the room, take a few deep breaths, and regroup. for me, it ranks right up there with the abyss, where for most of that movie i felt like i was underwater gasping for my last breath. i'm sure you've seen it and you know what i'm talking about. if you don't, rush right over to your remote control and dial it up on 'on demand'.


Holly said...

It's on our list to watch and I know my hubby wants to see it sooner than later especially now that it's on On Demand to watch. We just saw Silver Linings Playbook on Saturday and I enjoyed that.

city said...

thanks for share..

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