Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Stock at pixelimpress!

I'm back! With a post to tell you about some new goodies at pixelimpress. First ... the 2014 pixelimpress Desktop Calendar. It's always a labor of love. Wasn't sure I was going to make one this year. And then I had some past clients inquire about one and, well, that was enough to motivate me to get my act together. It's tough coming up with 12 unique patterns and color schemes! So, drumroll, here it is. The cover page sports August's design and also a new pattern at pixelimpress. I'll soon be loading new calling cards and stationery with this offset chevron design, which i love!

The back page sports all the designs.
March is one of my favorite patterns and color schemes. (And also my birthday month in case you were planning on buying me a gift.)
December's pretty sparkly, after all New Year's Eve is in December.
And July.
 The calendar can be purchased here. They make super teacher gifts! And if you purchase 5 or more, they are 10% off! Woohoo!

Also, these fill in the blank invitations are new. Sometimes you just wanna throw a party and send out pretty invites but don't have the time for custom.... here's your solution! You're welcome.

4 pixelimpress designs. Pick your favorite. You can find them here .

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