Thursday, January 3, 2013

i know where i'll be sunday night

...glued to the tv watching season 3 of my newest obsession, downton abbey.
hubby and i started watching season 1 right before christmas. right after christmas i rushed to target (i had to drive myself... sadly, we have no staff to bring around the motor and chaffeur us.) to buy season 2 on dvd (boo netflix for not having season 2 yet). i'm totally obsessed.... like obsessed so much that i'm on the verge of requesting that friends and family refer to me as "m'lady". 

traditional home online has a feature on downton abbey where you can learn a little more about the real-life castle where they film most of the show. (and from where i borrowed these photos.) pop over there to check out some great photos of the castle interiors and cast of the show.
and then do yourself a favor, and jump on the bandwagon and watch it. if anything to see my favorite character, the dowager countess, played expertly by maggie smith.

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