Wednesday, September 30, 2009

stripe it








1. michael penny design of his own home, angus fergusson photography, from canadian house & home
2.from house beautiful
3. from house beautitful, designer markham roberts, photo francesco lagnese
4. charlotte moss design, photo tria giovan, from veranda
5. image from the pink house, via cote de texas
6. homeowner and designer joseph abbati, photos natalie caudill, via elle decor
7. jenny lyons home, via blueprint bliss

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i love style me pretty. it's the one site i can head to and be guaranteed to see something pretty every single time i visit. they recently created style circle, a place where brides-t0-be can create inspiration boards very easily with their template. and pretty-stalkers like me can go and spend hours looking at the pretty. here are a few boards i found today that remind me of the start of fall.

look at those lights!
Warm Glow

Credits: Byron Hoffman and Lasting Images, Jose Villa

s'mores at a wedding?!? heck yea.
Photoshoot inspiration

Credits: James Christianson, Penny Silvia (2), Suthi Picotte

Things I Like

Credits: Millie Holloman, Linda Chaja, Penny Silvia, Lisa Lefkowitz (2)

love these invites!

Credits: Loveleigh (2), Brides Magazine (2), Suthi Picotte, Heather Kincaid, Madeline Man, Millie Holloman

a piano outside!!
Photoshoot inspiration

Credits: Linda Chaja (2), Suthi Picotte (2), Suthi Picotte, Jose Villa, Lisa Franchot


Credits: Byron Hoffman and Lasting Images (3), Penny Silvia, Jose Villa, Meg Baisden Photography, Cheri Pearl


Credits: Lisa Lefkowitz, Cheri Pearl, Millie Holloman (2)

Backyard Bliss

Credits: Karen Wise Photography, Marianne Taylor Photography, Heather Kincaid

Monday, September 28, 2009

neat finds

i spotted this over on simplesong the other day and had to share. it's from sugar paper. cool, huh. and there's also this. another good one.

i think it's time to start my christmas wish list.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

fall saturdays

pixel fell asleep watching football with her daddy yesterday. legs in the air. out came the camera.
she heard the clicks of the camera. but don't worry, she only opened her eyes for like 2 seconds.

Friday, September 25, 2009

lovin' yellow

yellow, or rather citron as southern accents calls it, speaks summer to me. to celebrate the end of summer i thought i'd post a few photos showing yellow. i love these spaces.

love all the windows, the window seat, the lucite chairs and those punchy stripe pillows
photos tria giovan, designer amanda nisbet

love those silky drapes puddled ever so slighty, the teal chair and wishing i could pan the photo to see more of the artwork
designer Heidi Friedler, photos Michel Arnaud

love the mix of artwork
photos tory williams, designer amanda nisbet

hmmm, apparently i'm really loving yellow with pinks
photos Pieter Estersohn, designer Nestor Santa-Cruz, SKB Architecture and Design

all images courtesy southern accents

Thursday, September 24, 2009

a must read

joni over at cote de texas did the most thorough post on lighting fixtures yesterday on her blog. you must stop by and take a look... even if it's simply to ogle all the lovely photos. here's my fave.

we have a similar lantern in our foyer. good to know i'm still a little stylish.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

new market

jan's new market, mixed tape, started monday over at poppytalkhandmade. there's lots of goodies... letterpress, photography, vintage stuff, jewelry, and art prints. here's a few that caught my eye.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

wild things

this summer steve and i (well, mainly steve) tranformed our backyard. remind me to show you photos sometime. anyway, we have a steep slope in the back of the yard, accessible by scaling a 6 foot rock wall. i've scaled it once to help plant lavender. steve scaled it yesterday afternoon when he was home for lunch. he cut and gathered some of our wildflowers that we (again, he) planted from seed. aren't they pretty?

i'll have to remember to hide these at bedtime. the last time steve picked wildflowers and brought them in, this little wild thing (looking all innocent here with her crossed paws)

had a field day. in the middle of the night she left our bedroom, walked the length of the hallway, went down the stairs, walked another hallway into the kitchen and brought back flowers. i found them in the morning strewn on the rug like confetti. along with a brillo pad.

Monday, September 21, 2009

more orange

you know i love orange. i wrote about it here. i had an email in my inbox the other day from jonathan adler. yes, he writes to me. subject line was 'orange looks...". here's a few of the finishing lines.

"orange looks like happiness."
"orange looks zesty with white."
"orange looks chic with pink."
"orange looks like you're living the california dream."

and a few of my favorites from their orange colored selections.

british flag pillow

morrow slipper chair

shelter island chair
capri bottle lamp
morrow settee
english breakfast tea towel
big sur candle
go, jonathan.

images from here

Saturday, September 19, 2009

i'm in the mood...

to cook. watch out, i don't say that very often. but today is rainy. i had the forethought to cancel my farmers market booth yesterday when i saw the forecast of rain. paper goods and water do not mix. although my booth is covered by a so-called water-resistant canopy, i've found it's not truly water-resistant. drips happen. not good. nobody wants to buy crinkly water spotted paper.

anywho, back to cooking. devon at the wisteria house posted this awhile back. and i've been thinking about it ever since. i love, love, love to make pizza dough. i'd been using another recipe but think i'll try this today. you can't go wrong with ina.

and while we're at it let's take another look at ina's barn in the hamptons.

the foyer.
her office alcove.
and this. the kitchen shelving. viking stove.
and the pantry. ahhh. i could stay organized if i had this. i know it. i just know it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

a beautiful thing

one of my goals when mom and kim were visiting a few weeks ago was to can peaches. 'cause if you haven't heard, there's a canning revolution going on.

and i wanted to be part of it. and drag along mom and kim. and kelly. we started with 50 lbs (!) of peaches from calhoun family farm in wapato, wa. i love their peaches! and kelly's canning equipment.
mom, kim and i were the peelers and slicers. and kelly, canning guru AND newlywed of less than 2 weeks here, manned the stove and pots. not everyone present thought they had to help. we were organized. we were productive. we had fun. here's our first batch in and out of the water bath.
aren't they pretty? we canned a total of 20 1/2 quarts.
steve and i had a pint over pancakes for breakfast the next morning. they were scrumptious.

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