Tuesday, September 8, 2009

should i ever win the lottery*...

i want to hire a chef. someone to cook me 3 balanced, healthy meals a day. someone to shop for those meals. jennifer aniston has 2 chefs. they're sisters. jewels and jill elmore.

friends gather at jennifer's house in the evening to partake in their meals. mexican is a favorite. like these mushroom whole wheat quesadillas and guacamole. yum.

my chef doesn't have to cook anything extravagant. simple food like this is great. it's the fact that i don't have to do it that's wonderful.

* yes, i do believe i could win the lottery. when steve and i were dating long distance, i'd buy a ticket on the way to his place. i'd spend at least 3 hours of the car trip imagining what i'd do with the winnings. quite entertaining. try it some time. steve's utterly amazed that i get disappointed every time i play and don't win.

Photos by Fran├žois Halard, courtesy O at Home, recipes here


Alison Kelley said...

I have the same dream Pam! I wish and wish upon a star that I could hit the big time so that I can hire a chef, please grant my wish that I wish tonight!

jacjewelry said...

How funny, we were just talking last night that if we had a lot of money, we'd get a maid and someone to cook us dinner. :) Sure you can win the lottery - if you don't play, you certainly won't win!

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