Wednesday, March 28, 2012

don't let yesterday...

use up too much of today. perfect. just what i needed to read. love the colors, love the font, love the design. you can purchase it here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


i received this, this and this in the mail yesterday. i pulled a muscle lifting it out of the mailbox.

the stack was 1 5/16" inches high, or ... slightly more than 3 sharpies (permanent, fine point) high.

time to call them and let them know i'd rather read these online. the online version even has that "flip-the-page" sound so it'll be just like reading the paper one.

head over to joni's blog to read her post about what was IN the catalog. interesting comments, too.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the last few days...

pixel has been on dogbed rest. she has partially torn her acl. we are supposed to keep her still to encourage healing and hopefully prevent a full tear which would mean surgery. we're trying, trying really hard at keeping her still. actually she's doing very well with it.... as long as no one rings the doorbell.
this was installed over the weekend. i'm in love. it really makes the white trim and doors "pop". and the texture is gorgeous. this utility hallway from the garage to kitchen has 3 doors... panty, laundry, and garage, and a recessed niche/mudroom area. we almost always enter the house thru the garage door. this hallway is now a welcoming site. i have yet to rehang my artwork.
i was at target the other day and found these melamine dishes. i love the handdrawn damask -like pattern. plus the color. it appears that aqua has become my favorite color. (hmmm, maybe i need to make stationery like this?)

they also have these patterns and styles.
i'm not a huge fan of reds and cranberries, but i love this pattern.
i think i need this one to round out my set.these would be perfect for summertime entertaining around this.

Friday, March 16, 2012

this little face...

shows up on my knee several times a day. it's her "please-take-me-out-back-to-play-with-my-tennis-ball" look. she was playing the other day and slightly injured her leg. she holds it up occasionally, but still walks, runs, jumps, and gallops just fine. so hubby and i decided no ball playing for her for a few days because sometimes she'll slide like she's stealing third base in the world series for her ball. so we hid her tennis balls. and now when i take her out back she can't figure out where her tennis balls are. her world has crumbled...she lives to play with her tennis balls. just for a few more days, pixel...til your dad and i (or the vet) make sure your leg is ok.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

what's going on

around here you may ask. or you may not care. but i'll tell you anyway. a lot it seems, which is why i haven't posted yet this week. i am super busy filling orders this week and am still not done. it's put me behind with rolling out some new designs for the shop. and behind in gathering all my tax info for the tax guy. i hate that chore.

here's a sneak peek of one of the new designs. i'm into mint and emerald right now. as is everyone else is seems. my pinterest home page is always filled with mint and emerald photos that folks are pinning.speaking of patterns...last week i received a birthday gift from my mother-in-law. she's a quilter. she made me these beautiful coasters. i love the mini floral print on one side that picks up the colors of our family room.
and the back side is a map print. she knows me all too well.
in other news, we're still deciding on this. there's a lot to consider. it's think it'll boil down to, do we want to tackle the maintenance and monthly expense of it. oh, yea, and the big question... where to put the water feature. i think it'd be best on the far end, steve thinks the close end.

and ... this should be arriving any day now. i'll be a happy camper when it's up on the wall.

speaking of... this makes me happy... all these came in the mail today. 4 magazines in one day in my mailbox is like christmas. i love a good mail day.

Friday, March 9, 2012

i love this

i found this here, via pinterest. i've been eyeing antler walls for awhile. this merges that idea with ferns... another love of mine. two for the price of one.

from the floragrubb site...."Gosh we love Platycerium bifurcatum, the staghorn fern! Flora Grubb Gardens staff garden designer Daniel Nolan created this simple, beautiful, low-maintenance vertical garden at his own home in San Francisco."

of course this would have been perfect when we lived in seattle. not sure how wells ferns will do in texas.

don't forget to spring forward this weekend! ah, losing an hour... it'll throw me off schedule for a week. what are your plans for the weekend? it's going to be cold and rainy here in texas. and i'm ok with that. i think i'm going to watch this. i need to see what all the hoopla is about.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


is my birthday. if i could have any birthday cake i wanted, i'd have this one, from smitten kitchen. i'd even make it myself.... i don't mind. i a yellow cake with chocolate icing. instead i'll probably make this one for myself. it's good. i've made it before. and it's flourless. i've been eating no flour (or very very minimal) for the last few weeks and feel tremendously better when i do. flour just doesn't agree with me. i have more energy... my mid-afternoon slump is almost non-existent now. and i have fewer headaches. big plus.

and one would think that since i'm the boss i could give myself my birthday off. but alas, no. i'll be working. all day. but don't worry.... hubby made me breakfast. and hopefully we'll get in a birthday bikeride this evening. and we celebrated my birthday this weekend at my favorite sushi restaurant with some close friends. we had a great time.

Monday, March 5, 2012

new art

we've got some new art around the house. a few weeks ago, i was ordering some stuff from paper source, one of my favorite stores. and i added this sheet paper/gift wrap , for $2.50, to my cart. i loved the colors and it went with the "theme" i've got going on in a hallway. i know what you're thinking.....and i don't like "themed" spaces either. don't worry, it's a very loose theme revolving around my husband's past water activites. and the colors lined up with my kitchen colors. the kitchen is at the end of that hallway.
i went to michael's and found this weathered wooden frame which is just perfect for the sheet wrap.
across the hall is this map. my mother-in-law brought it to me when she visited recently. i sometimes get a little worried when she says she's bringing something to us. she'll often call and say she found some of steve's old stuff in a closet while cleaning out her house and ask if i want it. this one she brought without asking. she knows that i like maps. she hit the nail on the head with this one. i love it! it's an aged map from steve's boy scout days.
the black line steve drew in. it was their canoeing path.she and i went to michael's and had it framed. we chose the frame together. and it's perfect.the last piece of artwork, which i didn't photograph, is some photos from steve's coast guard days. see, everything revolves around water, the theme.

this hall will soon be covered with this grasscloth. it'll be the perfect backdrop for all the art.

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