Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the last few days...

pixel has been on dogbed rest. she has partially torn her acl. we are supposed to keep her still to encourage healing and hopefully prevent a full tear which would mean surgery. we're trying, trying really hard at keeping her still. actually she's doing very well with it.... as long as no one rings the doorbell.
this was installed over the weekend. i'm in love. it really makes the white trim and doors "pop". and the texture is gorgeous. this utility hallway from the garage to kitchen has 3 doors... panty, laundry, and garage, and a recessed niche/mudroom area. we almost always enter the house thru the garage door. this hallway is now a welcoming site. i have yet to rehang my artwork.
i was at target the other day and found these melamine dishes. i love the handdrawn damask -like pattern. plus the color. it appears that aqua has become my favorite color. (hmmm, maybe i need to make stationery like this?)

they also have these patterns and styles.
i'm not a huge fan of reds and cranberries, but i love this pattern.
i think i need this one to round out my set.these would be perfect for summertime entertaining around this.


kathy said...

Your grasscloth is gorgeous. I can see why you love it.

pam said...

thanks kathy!

Holly said...

Poor Pixel! I hope it heals quickly! :)

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