Monday, August 31, 2009

cool vintage finds

if you like small vintage objects, you must check out this shop i found on etsy yesterday. here's a small sampling of goods for sale.

pop on over to coolvintage to shop. she's got some awesome stuff.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

happy weekend

what are y'all doing this weekend? i'll be hawking my goods at the local farmers market this saturday. after that i pick up my mom and sister from the airport. they're in town for the next week. sunday we'll start off with something like this

image via peonies and polaroids

and then walk a few blocks and watch this.

this man won last year and in 2006. we'll see if he can do it again this year.

happy weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

lovin' these...

flower silhoeuttes. there's a new kid on the block. the etsy block that is. danise, naturesilhouettes shopowner, sent me an email last week. when i popped over to her shop, i was in love. i love flower silhouettes. danise loves nature and believes in simplicity. Her artwork, based on her own photography, shows that.
this is my favorite (below).
and you can personalized her artwork by choosing your background color.
go check her out. tell her pam sent you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

can it

i have an urge to can peaches. washington state has THE best peaches ever. sorry georgia. and i have to preserve the flavor to enjoy in the winter season. my mom and sister come into town saturday for a week of fun... orcas island, shopping, julia/julie movie, pf changs, s'mores, a golf tournament (well, they won't think that's fun, but i'm dragging them along anyway since it's a block away). i think i'll also get them involved in my canning since i've never done it and mom has way back when. we might try blueberries also. there's a pick-your-own blueberry farm nearby. see, lots of fun in store. photo via sunday suppers

Monday, August 24, 2009

a major day

this is major. major's a doberman. major's big. major's black. major has big white teeth. had i come across major in a dark alley, well shucks, even in a well-lit alley, i would have run. but then major probably would have chased me. and he'd have caught me since he's lightning fast. and i can't sprint without tripping over my own feet.

i'm scared of big dogs. especially big black dogs with big white teeth. thankfully i met major at the dog park yesterday with pixel, his best friend, and buddy, pixel's neighborhood friend. major and pixel have been friends since last summer. this was my first time at the park when major was there. i knew major would be there and i tried to get out of going. but i went. and after seeing this

and this
and especially this
i decided major's not so bad. major just might have changed my opinion about big black dogs. and i now don't think he would have chased me thru the alley. he's not that kind of dog.

pixel was in heaven. she had her two best friends at the park on a beautiful day.
and some alone time with a stick.
what more could a girl ask for. it was a good day.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

happy wedding day!

nope, not mine. kelly and martin's. a lovely couple that i've gotten to know since living in seattle. i'm excited to see the wedding and celebrate at the reception. it's an afternoon wedding with a tea party theme.ooh, maybe there will be teacups like these?? aren't they pretty. i found these over at 100 layer cake, a wedding inspiration blog. these cups were actually bridal shower gifts. mimi of mika78 put together an amazing bridal shower invitation suite with help from calligrapher bryn of paperfinger that included these cuties. you can check out more teacup details at bryn's blog. so so lovely.

Friday, August 21, 2009


this image i found over on decor8 the other day. click on it to make it larger.

leslie, of a creative mint, is posting a 'color me pretty'every 2 weeks at decor8. here she used pinks, melons, black, white and a touch of gold with a moroccan inspiration. i love it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

dream house

i've never had a butler's pantry, or a butler for that matter. but i think it's on the list for the dream house. butler's pantry, that is, not a butler. although a housekeeper would be nice. to sweep, vacuum, clean the bathrooms, scoop litter, wash windows, and do laundry. i have no trouble starting laundry, it's just the folding part that gets me every time. oops, i'm digressing. back to the pantry i want for the dream house.

love this behind closed doors look. i could be a little messy here.
or how bout a little shot of color?
or a lot of shot of color?? i love this. i could live with this butler's pantry. and i think it's modern enough that steve'll like it too. great, settled.
all images via house beautiful

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

pretty pretty

hydrangea is one of my favorite flowers. and i say one of, because i'm torn. torn between hydrangea, poppy and peony. i love blue hydrangeas. this is my mother's hydrangea. for years it wouldn't bloom. she figured out that she was pruning it at the wrong time. she didn't do that this year and look what happened. it's beautiful!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

patio makeover

found this at canadian house and home. i love before and afters. here's before.
and after! after sports acacia wood floor tiles (laid over exisiting concrete), painted chairs, bubble chandelier (under $50!) from ikea, and palm beach pretty colors.

i love the two seating areas, plant boxes on either end, and clamshell lounger. i'd love to be curled up on that lounger reading... or knowing me, napping.

homeowner and stylist sabrina linn
photos michael graydon
room design suzanne dimma

Monday, August 17, 2009

my fun day

hi y'all. pixel here. mommy's busy and tired. yesterday was a long, long day. good and fun and all about me, but long. the local brittany club met at a farm for brittany fun day. while our mommies and daddies had coffee and donuts and greeted, we hung out here. see me?? i'm way, way in the back, the last one. i'd jump up and down so you can spot me, but that was yesterday.

this is shelby. she's pretty.
we did a lot of waiting around. waiting for the fun stuff to begin.
we moved to the show ring and had a quick demonstration of what goes on at a show. this is jackson.
shelby's turn.
here i am watching and waiting for my turn. i'm so patient.
it's my turn! mr john was stacking me.
mommy loves the zoom lens.
waiting for more instruction.
daddy and me walking the ring. have i ever told you how much i love my daddy? he's my alpha. mommy was kind enough to slide into omega position so i could be beta. she's so nice.
and then, then, i met maddie. maddie's beautiful. she's only a year old.
i like maddie.
mommy left after this so she could go do some gardening and prepare for dinner company. daddy stayed and we got to hunt for birds for a little bit. we had such a good time.


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