Monday, August 24, 2009

a major day

this is major. major's a doberman. major's big. major's black. major has big white teeth. had i come across major in a dark alley, well shucks, even in a well-lit alley, i would have run. but then major probably would have chased me. and he'd have caught me since he's lightning fast. and i can't sprint without tripping over my own feet.

i'm scared of big dogs. especially big black dogs with big white teeth. thankfully i met major at the dog park yesterday with pixel, his best friend, and buddy, pixel's neighborhood friend. major and pixel have been friends since last summer. this was my first time at the park when major was there. i knew major would be there and i tried to get out of going. but i went. and after seeing this

and this
and especially this
i decided major's not so bad. major just might have changed my opinion about big black dogs. and i now don't think he would have chased me thru the alley. he's not that kind of dog.

pixel was in heaven. she had her two best friends at the park on a beautiful day.
and some alone time with a stick.
what more could a girl ask for. it was a good day.

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