Thursday, August 20, 2009

dream house

i've never had a butler's pantry, or a butler for that matter. but i think it's on the list for the dream house. butler's pantry, that is, not a butler. although a housekeeper would be nice. to sweep, vacuum, clean the bathrooms, scoop litter, wash windows, and do laundry. i have no trouble starting laundry, it's just the folding part that gets me every time. oops, i'm digressing. back to the pantry i want for the dream house.

love this behind closed doors look. i could be a little messy here.
or how bout a little shot of color?
or a lot of shot of color?? i love this. i could live with this butler's pantry. and i think it's modern enough that steve'll like it too. great, settled.
all images via house beautiful


jacjewelry said...

These are all gorgeous! Love every one of them, Pam!

Millie said...

Lovely BP's Pam! The lime green is a darling.
Millie ^_^

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