Monday, August 10, 2009

northern exposure

remember these two?

image from here
from this show?
i loved it. it was one of my favorites. and i had a lot of people tell me i resembled janine turner. i'll take that compliment any day.

steve and i took a little side trip yesterday on our way back from yakima and the antique show. we stopped in roslyn, wa, for pizza from village pizza. when i saw this, i put 2 + 2 together.

we're in 'northern exposure' territory. this is the town where they filmed the show. here's main street now.

i didn't get any photographs of homes and shops from the show. when i came home i did a little research and actually found a road map where you can drive thru town and see maggie's house, ruth-ann's house, fleischman's office, kbhr radio. we must go back for photos ... and more pizza.

but i did spot this little beauty. you know my fascination with churches. i'll add this one.


Alison Kelley said...

I do remember that show, how great that you got to experience a piece of that! Beautiful church! I'm from the island of Malta and you have to check out the beautiful pictures of Maltese churches,

Susie said...

I stumbled across your blog from The Pioneer Woman -- I used to live in Ellensburg. I just died laughing....what a small world. Great pics!!!

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