Monday, August 17, 2009

my fun day

hi y'all. pixel here. mommy's busy and tired. yesterday was a long, long day. good and fun and all about me, but long. the local brittany club met at a farm for brittany fun day. while our mommies and daddies had coffee and donuts and greeted, we hung out here. see me?? i'm way, way in the back, the last one. i'd jump up and down so you can spot me, but that was yesterday.

this is shelby. she's pretty.
we did a lot of waiting around. waiting for the fun stuff to begin.
we moved to the show ring and had a quick demonstration of what goes on at a show. this is jackson.
shelby's turn.
here i am watching and waiting for my turn. i'm so patient.
it's my turn! mr john was stacking me.
mommy loves the zoom lens.
waiting for more instruction.
daddy and me walking the ring. have i ever told you how much i love my daddy? he's my alpha. mommy was kind enough to slide into omega position so i could be beta. she's so nice.
and then, then, i met maddie. maddie's beautiful. she's only a year old.
i like maddie.
mommy left after this so she could go do some gardening and prepare for dinner company. daddy stayed and we got to hunt for birds for a little bit. we had such a good time.



Courtney said...

Pixel, what a beautiful (handsome?) pup you are! Looks like such a fun day!

jacjewelry said...

Your new friends are all so cute! How often do you get together?
Tell your Mommy I have trouble leaving comments on her blog for some strange reason. :(

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