Tuesday, September 22, 2009

wild things

this summer steve and i (well, mainly steve) tranformed our backyard. remind me to show you photos sometime. anyway, we have a steep slope in the back of the yard, accessible by scaling a 6 foot rock wall. i've scaled it once to help plant lavender. steve scaled it yesterday afternoon when he was home for lunch. he cut and gathered some of our wildflowers that we (again, he) planted from seed. aren't they pretty?

i'll have to remember to hide these at bedtime. the last time steve picked wildflowers and brought them in, this little wild thing (looking all innocent here with her crossed paws)

had a field day. in the middle of the night she left our bedroom, walked the length of the hallway, went down the stairs, walked another hallway into the kitchen and brought back flowers. i found them in the morning strewn on the rug like confetti. along with a brillo pad.

1 comment:

Julie said...

beautiful flowers.

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