Thursday, February 21, 2013

my new favorite salad

i used to be a spinach salad gal. my favorite was spinach with mozzarella, bosc pear, coconut flakes and pecans with a vanilla flavored dressing made from protein powder. sounds yummy, huh? can't get it in a restaurant.... you have to make your own. and i did, sometimes every day for weeks.

photo by Marcus Nilsson, from O online
NOW, i make this salad almost every week and munch on it for lunch. it's so tasty. i found it in one of O's recent issues and figured i'd give it a go since i had most ingredients here at the house.

here's my version. it's truly yummy. i add a little pb2 in my dressing. just felt like it was calling for a smidge of peanut taste. and remember, the fresher your kale, the tastier the salad. and see those golden rounds on the plate? that's another recent favorite that goes smashingly well with the salad.... goat cheese rounds. (goat cheese battered in flour, egg, and panko and then sauteed). my in-laws are coming to visit in a few weeks. hope they like kale, cause i'll be serving this.

1 comment:

jwilt said...

give 'em lots of kale! they'll be getting an intro to vegan here!!!!

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