Friday, December 17, 2010

little brown pen

i took advantage of cyber deals black friday weekend. nope, not for christmas gifts for others... for myself. i ordered prints from little brown pen. they arrived in this package. love the sticker.

then there was this sheet. more packaging love.
then this. oh my goodness. i seriously want to frame this belly band. it is the deepest, darkest shade of green. and i don't even like green. it's not my favorite. i bought this set of photos to go in my guest bath. they would be the perfect wall art. but they're so beautiful... i want them in my office where i can see them daily.
this was the picture that sold me on the set. stunning hydrangeas.
but these do not disappoint.

and the photos are printed on a heavy cotton rag paper. so luxe. AND to top it off, i was poking around little brown pen's blog shortly after i got these and entered the contest she had going on. and i won!! real simple sponsored the giveaway. so it's a few goodies including something from little brown pen. i'm so excited...

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