Wednesday, November 23, 2011

my staycation

my family was in town last week. at the request of my history-lovin' brother-in-law bobby, we visited dealey plaza in dallas, the site of jfk's assassination. yesterday marked the 48th anniversary of jfk's death. (steve and i just so happened to catch a documentary the other night on the national geographic channel showing actual footage of that very sad day.)

i took my new camera. steve just used the word obsession and camera in the same sentence in reference to me and my new toy. and it's true. i love it. i took 249 photos this day, between dealey plaza and the dallas arboretum, which i'll show you another day. (if you click on any picture below, it will enlarge and produce a slideshow of all the photos in this post)

anywho, here's the famous former texas book depository. now the dallas county administration building. the open window (2nd row from the top) is the one where lee harvey oswald was claimed to be.
just down the block from the former texas book depository (grassy knoll in the background).
this is ron, our tour guide. we happened upon him when we arrived at dealey plaza. he gave us a walking tour of the area. he was a very interesting man and knew everything there was to know about this site.
my brother-in-law
and steve paid very close attention to ron.the grassy knoll.
a plaque in commemoration of john fitzgerald kennedy.
the area is know as the west end historic district.
another shot of the grassy knoll.ron was intriguing. he spewed off tons of information about that fateful day, 48 years ago yesterday.

on a related note, stephen king has a new book out titled 11/22/63.
it's an 849-page novel of an alternative history of that day. the new york times has an article regarding this book here. i think i might read this.

and, on another related friend denise just heard stephen king speak at a local high school. she has a great post over here about that night. pop over and read about what scares stephen king!

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jacjewelry said...

Pam, your pictures are amazing! Did you swap out the macro lens when taking these? I also love the new pictures of your products in your shop! Told you you'd be obsessed with the macro lens! :)

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