Monday, August 20, 2012


i had only ever received their drool-worthy catalogs, and visited their online store,  ...until saturday. i made a trip to wisteria dallas, by love field airport, where there is a flea market in the back of the store. the front of the store is gorgeous. i was in awe of their beautiful furniture, pillows, lighting, and accessories. i managed to snap a few photos.

i bought one of these. everyone needs a chinese calligraphy brush... don't they?

this stopped me in my tracks. i would have bought it if not for the price tag. just a little a lot out of my range right now, but it is gorgeous.

and this. just beautiful. i've seen this fabric before but can't recall the designer. i adore it. and those lavender pillows were just the right shade.

i really wanted this for a side table in our living room. but again, the price was a little out of my range. (and actually, when i got home and looked through my wisteria catalog, i saw it for less... what's up with that, wisteria?)

i bought one of these tall navy jars.

loved the ikat chandelier shades.

i would have gladly taken this velvet sofa off their hands if it was half  one-third one-quarter the price.

i'm not sure when my love affair with green started. i didn't decorate with it at all in seattle, but i do decorate with it here in dallas. maybe it's because i miss the lush green of seattle and am trying to subconsciously bring it into my home here.

and, another chest like the green one above, but in cobalt.

i have to say that i was disappointed with the flea market section of the store. i saw several furniture pieces heavily damaged that were the identical price as the same items in the front of the store in perfect condition. and i found only a few items heavily marked down.

i now request that all our visitors requiring airport pickup fly into love field airport so that i can stop by wisteria enroute. it truly is a beautiful store with beautiful merchandise. and very helpful sales associates.


M Denise C said...

And I still haven't made it to the design district :-(

Holly said...

Wow I love that velvet sofa too! :)

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