Tuesday, September 25, 2012

meet finnigan

on sunday, we added a new member of our family... finnigan. he's an 8 week old brittany, the same breed as his new sister, pixel.

meet finnigan.
here he is with his proud daddy. 
 testing out the pool.
chewing on everything and anything he sees.
 and playing
i can't do a puppy post without posting a photo of his big sister, pixel. i think she's wondering when he's going to go home to his own house...
 and stop following her.
welcome, finnigan. we love you already.


kathy said...

He is so cute, I can't stand it. Absolutely precious. They remind me of our Kirby, who is a very loved Welsh Springer Spaniel. You are gonna have fun!

Anonymous said...

I want to pinch his little doggie cheeks so much!!!!!!!!!!! And how cute is he following Pixel around? Love, love, love your newest addition.

jac jewelry said...

He's too cute, Pam! I love him! Congrats on the new addition - how is Pixel taking him?!

Susannah said...

AHHH! He's too cute!! Can't believe we got Sam this time last year! How time flys!

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