Tuesday, September 25, 2012

meet finnigan

on sunday, we added a new member of our family... finnigan. he's an 8 week old brittany, the same breed as his new sister, pixel.

meet finnigan.
here he is with his proud daddy. 
 testing out the pool.
chewing on everything and anything he sees.
 and playing
i can't do a puppy post without posting a photo of his big sister, pixel. i think she's wondering when he's going to go home to his own house...
 and stop following her.
welcome, finnigan. we love you already.

Monday, September 17, 2012

i have talented clients

i have the privilege of working with some very talented people at pixelimpress. i love seeing what they are up to with their businesses. laura has been a customer for a few years now. she is a wedding and event planner in georgia.  i follow her facebook feed and almost fell out of my chair when i saw photos of this beyond beautiful wedding she put together at chukkar farms in alpharetta, georgia. style me pretty georgia fell head-over-heels also and featured it on their blog last month. congratulations, laura... it's fantastic!

take at look at this rustic gorgeousness...

such a cute idea for guest photos.

what a fun crowd! (check out that draped ceiling with chandeliers.)
 it's the little touches...
simple, rustic, gorgeous.

love the printed burlap.

permission to post by laura....thanks, laura, for allowing me to show off this creativity and congratulations to the bride and groom.  photos by photographs by anjuli.

Friday, September 7, 2012

pixel here with the latest news

mommy's busy, so she asked me to fill you in on what we've been up to....

i'm swimming!! finally!
mommy and daddy took their time introducing me to the swimming pool. they waited until the sod around the pool was fully developed so i didn't get all muddy coming out of the pool.  because we all know that if i'm muddy, mommy's not happy. and if's mommy's not happy, nobody's happy.

here i am heading down the steps, to....
hi, pixel

head up, head up, keep my head up.
almost there
phew, the steps.

it took me a few laps to realize the best way out. i tried turning toward the side of the pool to get out, but, um, that didn't work out too well. so now i use the steps like every one else.

mommy loves taking close ups.

here i am, in action.
i do a mean doggie paddle.
and then, after 47 laps, i crash.
and crash hard.
and in other news, mommy and i are really really really proud of daddy. he rode in a 100k (68 mile) bike ride a few weekends ago. he got up at 230 in the morning, drove a few hours with a neighbor and arrived at the starting line at dawn.
they rode thru an air force base.
way to go daddy!

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