Tuesday, November 5, 2013

let's talk marble

i'm sure at some point i've declared my love for all things marbleized. if not, i'll do it now. i love marbleized things. there, done. so i made some stationery sets recently with envelopes lined in marbleized paper. this is luxe, folks. thick cottony paper. shimmery envelopes. gorgeous colors. and elegant marble paper. all wrapped snug as a bug in a pretty silk ribbon and packaged in a pretty white box. great for gift giving. and as you know, the season of gifting is upon us.
Holla ... set of 10 flat cards and 10 lined envelopes.

in the mood for something a little more vibrant? how about curry and purple. 
found here.

and then i spotted these at west elm. marbleized boxes. how cool are they. the natural colored one totally matches my stationery. i think i'll ask santa for one.

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