Saturday, May 23, 2009

Date Night

Last night was date night. It happens pretty regularly on Friday nights. It's usually hitting the gym followed up by sushi, or just sushi, or sushi and an inhome movie. Please don't be jealous of our exciting lives. Last night was different. We had some very good friends over for dinner. My husband grilled filet mignon. He makes it better than any 4-star restaurant. Perfectly cooked (medium rare for us) every time. Add a sprinkle of bleu cheese. I did the sides. A dish of this (from REAL SIMPLE, Feb 2009 issue). This has become one of my favorites. Company likes it also. In fact, they've come to request it.

And a side of sweet corn, bought fresh on the cob, shucked, boiled gently, and cut off the cob with butter and a dash of salt added. More perfection. And for dessert... chocolate chip cookies.

And then, with bellies full, hubby and I wandered down the street to his office for some fierce competition of this:

I'm not one to brag. I'll have to check with my husband first to make sure it's ok if I tell y'all that I won 5 games to zip.


Millie said...

Oh Pam, thanks for the best laugh I've had all week. Although beats me why MOTH came into your slumber time all those thousands of miles away! I've been coming to the U.S regularly for Conferences/Work etc. for the past 19 yrs., but have never made it to your neck of the woods. I always seem to have to get on another plane in LA & head East. But I know that Washington is supposed to be just gorgeous & Seattle a fab place.

MOTH's promised me that when the US/AUS $ reaches parity again (currently AUD1.00=US0.73) I can have a big shopping trip!
Thanks for stopping by, delighted to have you as a Hedgie.
Millie ^_^

jacjewelry said...

We went out for barbeque tonight, and the daily special on the menu was... creamed spinach. That's what I got - never had it before! Coincidence? I think not! It was wonderful. I will have to give your recipe a try! When we have a big enough house to have a grill, Husband will be in touch to find out how to grill that steak to perfection - medium rare filet mignon is our favorite!

pve design said...

My favorite dinner, steak and spinach or sushi!
We are big ping-ping players too!

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