Thursday, October 8, 2009

backyard danger for pets

this is pixel yesterday resting comfortably. against my new restoration hardware pillow.

saturday was a different story. i fed her breakfast and let her out in the backyard while i was on the phone. i watched her stick her face in the grass and chew. and stick her face in the grass and chew. she's done it before. no biggie.

30 minutes later our girl was uncontrollable. yiping, meeping, barking. we couldn't touch her. she was beyond excitable. steve rushed her to the vet. she arrived, spread out on the floor and lost bladder control. she had a fever. she lost bladder control again. she was agitated. she was noisy. they gave her an anti-inflammatory shot to control the fever. and an ekg because her heart was racing. it was normal. we left her there and sat out her visit at home. they called a few hours later. she had calmed down but they were gonna keep her until close.

we picked her up later in the afternoon. she had settled down and no longer had a fever. she slept all evening and all night long. she returned to normal on sunday.

the vet was stumped. first on their list was a toxin. but what?? we heard from the vet monday. is it possible we have mushrooms in the backyard??

image from here

yep, we do. teeny, tiny small ones. we think she ate a mushroom. a hallucinogenic mushroom. yep, our little girl took a little trip saturday. but she's back. thankfully.


Julie said...

so glad she's all better!

Alison Kelley said...

Oh my gosh, poor Pixel! Glad to hear that she's doing better. What a trip she got. LOL, you had no idea you were growing such things I bet. Good reinforcement why I tell the kids to never touch or eat mushrooms found on grass.

jacjewelry said...

Aww poor little girl. Glad she's feeling better!

Millie said...

Very good advice Pam. We get the weirdest looking red ones with yellow spots which MOTH always pulls out as soon as they emerge. So glad you found out what caused Pixel's malday.
Millie ^_^

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