Friday, November 13, 2009

i'm entitled

to a day off. and some rest. and it's snowing. see, look.

what better motivation to go back to bed. and i'm still in my pjs. see. do you like how my slippers fit inside steve's crocs so i can step out on the wet concrete and take a photo and not mess up my slippers.
the trunk show was last night. i could put away my display. or i could go back to bed.
or i could list into my shop my new favorite set of cards i made for the show. or i could go back to bed.
or i could sit here and admire my cute little bowls i bought from my friend at the show.
but i'm tired. i'm entitled to rest. there, i've convinced myself. back to bed it is.


jacjewelry said...

Good choice! Hope the show went well for you - rest well! :)

Sarah said...

good!! I'm glad you got a day to rest - much deserved! I'm still bummed I couldn't get over there last night. =(

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