Monday, November 30, 2009

tree pickin' day

yesterday we picked out our christmas tree. we drove to the tree lot where a local boys' club sets up shop. they earn money for summer trips by helping out at the lot. this was our view a few blocks from our house, mt si.

another mile and we're there.
there were rows and rows of trees.onto picking the right size. if it's only up to your elbow, it's too short. sorry little tree.

no, honey, still not quite tall enough.

walk around, walk around. look at the pretty lights.please don't be jealous of our sunny skies here in seattle. no, it wasn't evening. it was 3:30 in the afternoon.
there were a few of these running around.

but, no worries. the staff is prepared if they get out of hand.uh oh. i think someone's found just the right one. ah, perfect. he's the one. he's noble. no, he really is. a noble fir.
now if i just had little elves to decorate it.


jacjewelry said...

Aw I like the little tree! That's the size I want. :) Can't wait to see the pictures of the decorated tree!

Mae Chevrette said...

Pam, I found your Etsy shop through poppytalk and I absolutely love the simplicity and beauty of your work. I also love that upon finding your blog, this was the most recent post. I grew up in Seattle and lived there until college, and I still can't remember a single year where it was even remotely nice out when we went to pick out a tree. Gotta love the Northwest :)

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