Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i need 3 more days

in this week. or 6 more hands. i'm swamped. literally. can barely keep my head above water. lots of shop orders and prepping for 2 craft shows this weekend. wish i could prep in this space. it's hers. and yes, i know we've all seen it a thousand times. but it's dreamy. it's inspiring.

i'm so busy i went to bed last night leaving dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. hasn't happened in years. it's my pet peeve. i HAVE to come downstairs to a clean kitchen in the morning. wonder if martha ever leaves dirty dishes in her sink?
probably not. see ya over the weekend. i'm gonna get back to work.


count it all joy said...

Oh Pam, I'm sorry you feel so swamped at the moment....I'm sending you over a virtual jug of your favourite Christmas spiced coffe/ alcoholic beverage...whatever it is you need! I can see the attraction to Martha's craft space, however, I'm wondering if you have a space like that, do you also have to go through life looking like you're sucking on a lemon?

Alison Kelley said...

I know the feeling Pam! I've been feeling it too! My event is tomorrow night, ahhh! Best wishes that you will get everything together and that your craft shows exceed your expectations!

I'd love a clean space like that, so inspiring!

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