Thursday, December 31, 2009

our holiday

how fun and cute are these?? unfortunately i won't have time to make these like martha did before our 20 guests show up for new year's eve dinner. yikes... 20 guests.
my christmas break has been wonderful so far. i've been breaking in my new present. hubby got me the middle one. it's wonderful and warm and cozy and was a complete surprise. now if i could only get out from under it to clean the house for those 20 guests.

steve and i also made pioneer woman's cinnamon rolls christmas eve for the neighbors and, well, frankly, for us too. they're awesome. if you haven't tried them, you must, simply must. i did change the icing to a vanilla cream cheese one.

steve went hunting yesterday and brought the little one back like this. she cut her foot. she's off to the local vet this morning for probably stitches.
steve, pixel and i wish you all a happy and healthy 2010. thanks so much for stopping by pixelimpress, the blog this past year!

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20 guests? Yikes, indeed! I hope it went well! I love those Filson blankets, by the way. So Seattle! ;) Happy new year!

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