Monday, December 14, 2009

are you listening santa?

i usually don't put together lists of wishes for christmas but thought i'd do it this year, just for fun. i can't decide between these 2. the harder sole would be best for taking the puppy out but i love the stripes. so maybe both??

found here

after seeing julie & julia,
twice now, i'd love to learn more about julia child. this would help.

beautiful italian cotton ribbon. i'd probably never use it, just stare at it.
from here

this i would need for christmas eve. because it's not christmas eve without a cup of hot chocolate with vanilla marshmallows. i've had it every year for the last several. don't have it this year. need it. desperately.
from here

new pajamas. again, desperation here. desperately need a new pair. and santa, while you're at it, bring me a body that can wear horizontal stripes across my hips. (of course, santa, if maybe you didn't bring the hot chocolate and marshmallows i could wear horizontal stripes. just sayin'.)
found here


Courtney said...

I would most likely just stare at that ribbon too- so lovely! New pjs are on my Christmas list too, and it simply isn't winter without hot chocolate!

Cate O'Malley said...

Love the first shoe - so comfy. And J. Crew. Well, that just goes without saying. :)

House and Life said...

I love that ribbon!

Devon said...

I think you are me. I have those UGG slippers and ran over other shoppers at U-Village getting my hands on the last of the Williams Sonoma hot chocolate. And I LOVE those pj's. Perfect!

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