Monday, December 21, 2009

at 16

what were you doing at 16? i was probably cramming for the sat's, adjusting to contac lenses from coke bottle glasses, pestering my big sister, playing insane amounts of tennis, studying hard to get straight a's to get into a good college, and hitting the local mall on friday nights with my bffs and then coming home to watch dallas. typical of a nerdy high school sophomore.

look at what this young lady is doing at 16. jessica watson is trying to become the youngest person to sail solo and non-stop around the world. wow. again, wow. it will take her almost 8 months. she's sailing on ella's pink lady, shown here.
ok, this photo just makes me sick. motion sick that is. which i can get merely by soaking in the bathtub. granted, this photo is beautiful... the blue water, the blue sky, the serene-ness of sailing on the open water. that is if you don't get motion sickness. all of you who do know what i'm talking about.

and then there's these. amazing sunsets. recently jessica scaled the mast to check the rigging in preparation for entering the southern ocean. according to her website, this is one of the most dangerous tasks a solo sailor can do and jessica was totally prepared for it through extensive training and drills. i can barely look at this picture. look at how high up she is. and i'm sure she's swaying from the breeze and waves. scary.
she's a brave girl. i wish you success in your journey, jessica!

you can follow her journey on her blog.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Very brave. and dedicated. And I will never climb to the top of a mast again. even tho the boat was at dock. the swaying was insane!

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