Friday, May 7, 2010

change of plans

i still haven't gotten over the fact that my favorite wedge sandals (well, my ONLY wedge sandals) were lost in our cross-country move 2 and a half years ago. they were perfect for me. stable wedge, not too high. espresso. and oh so comfy.

i strode into nordstrom's yesterday in hunt for these. i thought they could replace my lost pair. they're uggs. and i love uggs. perfect color. look comfy.
when i actually saw them, i passed on them. the heel was too high and slender for me. i teeter in anything taller than a flip flop, so this would be definitely be pushing it for me.

instead, i walked out with these.

they're awesome. so cushiony and comfortable. good arch support. and best of all, they're lined with fleece! while that's not a selling point for those of you in warmer clients, it excites me. my feet will always be warm. yay for the little things.

so what are you up to this weekend?? steve and i will be finishing our gardening since the weather will be nice this weekend. i hope to get all my veggies in the ground. have a great one!

images via ugg

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