Thursday, May 13, 2010

at last! the kitchen reveal

finally. photos of the finished kitchen. after some slight major tidying of the kitchen this morning, i took some photos. here's the post describing our mid-way work. kudos to hubby for all his hard work. he tore down ugly backsplash. tore out tile granite, piece by piece. installed undercabinet lights. the granite is geriba beach.
he fitted a new cabinet to hold the farmhouse sink, which i love! and he loves it that i love it, because that means i do most of the dishes. (the sink cabinet will darken over time to match the existing pieces.) we ordered the sink online. it's a shaw. it shipped for free from florida to seattle... and thank goodness because it weighs 160lb.
the pendant over the sink is by kichler. it's finish is midnight chrome. the paint color is slate by restoration hardware. and we love it. question... do you paint your ceilings? steve and i always have.

the faucet is kohler. another great find. while we were at it, we upgraded our dishwasher to a bosch. unbelievably quiet. since our family room with the tv is adjacent to the kitchen, a major plus. we honestly don't even know it's on unless we see the laser light shining on the floor.
we splurged and got the custom fitted sink grid for the sink. i was worried about scratching the sink. this alleviates all worries.yes, i like a lot of stuff on my counters.
mini roses from mother's day from pixel and her daddy. i love the paris photo. it's alicia bock. she actually sent it as a gift note with some photos i bought from her. perfect for my little frame. the backsplash is 19x19 porcelain tile and we love it.inlay bone bowl from maui. and an oil painting i snagged at a garage sale for $4. it came in the most hideous black velvet frame. i removed the glass and framed it with a target frame. the little suitcase holds our cell phones while they're charging.
here's the before.
and again, the after. we love it. it suits us and our house.
thank you, honey, for all your hard work on the kitchen!


sarah, flourish design + style said...

Wow! It's beautiful - bravo to both of you! What gorgeous picks, and I love lots on my counters to! So happy to have found your blog, I look forward to following :) xx

Lynn said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I love it all Pam!! Your hubby did a really fantastic job, and you have it decorated so pretty!!


Sarah Bradley said...

This looks fantastic! I love the farm sink so, so much!

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