Monday, March 8, 2010

i'm starting to see...

the light at the end of the tunnel on the kitchen facelift. the granite measuring technician (yes, that's my terminology for him) was here today. he brought in the digital arm that sat on a tripod and downloaded all our measurements to autocad. my, how technologically advanced we've become. and how poorly level are cabinets are.

we started with this 2 weeks ago. and a vision. (ok, seriously, i have wayyyy too much stuff on my kitchen counters.)
steve started slowly removing tile backsplash piece by piece.

and installing and hardwiring undercabinet lights.
and look, he even did it with a smile.then he removed the tile granite, piece by piece. and the drywall, down to the cotton candy pink insulation.then he lowered the outlets, put on new snazzy black covers that will blend better with the new tile backsplash. and he put up new backing.

then yesterday, which happened to be my birthday, the crown jewel was installed. our new farmhouse sink. ahhhh. she's a beauty. here steve and his assistant are analyzing how unlevel the cabinets are.

followed by a little discussion.
followed by a little laser light frolicking. (see my paint swatch? the room's getting repainted, but we still haven't found the right color.)followed by a well-deserved cheek-to-cheek rest.thank you, honey, for all your hard work on the kitchen. he's done it all so far. and without one complaint. my hero.


Millie said...

All is looking spectacular at this stage Pam. A big high five to Steve & his Offsider for all their hard work. The prep's. always the hardest part, so it should all be easy from now on!! Warmest birthday wishes, I hope it was good one.
Millie ^_^

M Denise C said...

Happy belated birthday, Pam! That last picture is adorable.

LifestyleBohemia said...

The under-cabinet lighting is such a great idea. I regret not doing that.

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