Thursday, March 25, 2010

up in the air

my father-in-law sand sledding in new mexico. i love this photo. you could either walk down or ride down. he chose to ride. (click on the photos for the full beauty.)
my inlaws are on a plane right now heading to seattle. they stopped first to visit their daughter (steve's sister) in new mexico and her family. while there, they visited the white sands national monument. and had some fun. how beautiful are those dunes. and that blue, blue sky.
my nephew. being a typical boy.
my niece. nice body plant, morgan. you're still "it".
and they also went to carlsbad caverns. beautiful.
my nephew sam at the cave entrance. see him? see him? look closely.
great photos, brother-in-law dave!

i've closed the shop. i've cleaned the house (ok, i still have to vacuum and mop). i've stocked the fridge. let the fun begin.

1 comment:

M Denise C said...

Great pictures by Dave. I want to visit White Sands. Carlsbad needs to be revisited, too. Have a great visit and vacation!

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