Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sneak peek

remember this project? i made some headway this weekend. the first step (prepping for painting) took more time than i thought mainly because it took me, my husband, 3 pottery barn reps, 2 hours, 1 screwdriver, 67 bad words (yes, from me, not hubby), and finally one instruction sheet to remove the drawers. my advice.... read the instruction sheet FIRST, don't just merrily toss it aside when cleaning out the drawers.

but here's the sneak peek. my original plan of painting it turquoise has changed. when i layed out my photographs to become my gallery wall above the chest, i concentrated on this one and pulled my color scheme from it.

my new favorite color, rainstorm by sherwin williams.
these beauties are on their way. i'm so excited. i've never had glass knobs before. on anything. weird, huh.
final results soon.


M Denise C said...

Cannot wait to see this when it is finished!!

Laurie said...

that color is the BEST!!!!!! Perfect choice!

LifestyleBohemia said...

Can't wait to see it finished! You will not be disappointed with the Anthropologie knobs. I recently bought the "Toscana" knobs for my office closet & they are so beautiful.

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