Wednesday, March 3, 2010

company made me do it

guests do it every time. unknowingly of course. but their visit forces you to get to that nesting to-do list. my in-laws are coming march 25th. the kitchen will be done the week before... given that absolutely not one thing goes wrong with the install. *crossing fingers*. otherwise we'll be prepping meals on plywood.... like now. and staring at pink cotton candy insulation as a backsplash... like now.

my photos from the upstairs hall are being moved to the foyer for this project. which leaves some blank wall space upstairs. can't have that, especially for company. already in the space is this desk, tucked into a recessed niche.

above it is an oversized floral canvas oil with tons of color. turquoise, chartreuse, orange, red, yellow.

i'm planning on this fabric for a roman shade at the end of the hall. heaven forbid if my neighbor should ever see me dart out of the master bedroom naked to retrieve something from the dryer right next door. bad day for them. this'll nip that in the bud.
the blank wall space will be filled with this art from here. i love marlene's prints. we have another one in the family room.
and this art from here.
i have some other photographs from alicia. they're simply stunning.

what do you think?


jwilt said...

I think I want to see actual pictures of your project!

paula said...

sounds lovely.

jacjewelry said...

Love them!

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