Monday, March 22, 2010

keeping the sanity

i put in the request yesterday. please touch only the handles. this was after i had spent some time cleaning all the stainless in the kitchen. i saw this this morning.


thank goodness for this, that i picked up at bed, bath & beyond the other day. looks like amazon sells it too.

it really does work. and amazingly. i used it on our stove hood which had a buildup of months of cooking grease underneath. worked like a charm (after some soaking time for the stubborn stains). doesn't streak either.

and in other news, here's cali posing in our awkward family room niche underneath the even more awkward "you're-supposed-to-put-your-tv-here" niche. she's posing with the new paint color, slate from restoration hardware. love it.

1 comment:

jwilt said...

didja know that lemon fresh pledge does a pretty darn nice job on the stainless steel as well?

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