Thursday, April 1, 2010

happy easter

how did it get to be april 1st?? and how is it good friday is tomorrow? and how is it easter is THIS sunday? time flies.

we had a great time with steve's parents this past week. had i realized that this was a holiday weekend i would have kept my shop closed for a few more days to thoroughly enjoy it. but alas, it's time to get back to work.

hope you all enjoy your weekend! i'll be back next week to show y'all the kitchen facelift and the foyer facelift, which included repainting a bureau and hanging a gallery wall of photos.

my photo above


Millie said...

Sounds like your break with the Outlaws was great fun Pam! Have a fab Long Weekend.
Millie ^_^

jacjewelry said...

Happy Easter! Can't wait to see the renovation pictures!!!

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