Thursday, April 15, 2010

on the agenda...

for this weekend is working in the yard. the weather here has been lovely lately. low 60s, sunshine-y. pixel and i are enjoying our daily afternoon walks. the weather should hold thru the weekend giving steve and i time to work on the flower beds. last weekend i overhauled my front container pots. this weekend we're working on a new bed (that steve just cut out) along our fence line in the backyard. over the winter, steve and i ordered some perennials from bluestone perennials. they were on our doorstep friday. and hopefully will go in the ground this weekend.

these babies...will grow up to be these, peach blossom astilbe (image via here).these...
will become this, sedum athur branch (image via here). it'll bloom deep rose pink flowers in late summer.
we also have a few of these to add to the bed. japonica pieris.
we bought one of these. might need another.i forget what it's common name is. so here's the tag.

the focal point of the bed... a lion's head maple. hopefully i'll have photos monday of the finished bed.

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