Friday, April 30, 2010

weekend agenda

first, as in this should be done tonight, is finalizing our carpet selections. this'll be the third trip to the carpet store. we have mostly hardwood on the first floor, except for the formal living room, which is being converted to my office. there's carpet there now, but we're replacing it. we found a good choice for that. a dark greige wool berber. and while we're at it, we're replacing the carpet on the stairs. it's in desperate need of a facelift. it's sagging. it's tired. i'm tired of it. this was my front runner. godfrey hirst, boulevard.

that was until we found out how much it is. we'll choose another.

is my shipping desk. it's getting a facelift too. in sassy green.
and third, is recovering this pinboard from pb in this fabric,

which i've showed you all before. it's my fave.

have a great weekend.


M Denise C said...

Very exciting, Pam!!

D.B. said...

Sassy Green was the color of Jackson's play room 2 houses ago....I loved it!

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