Friday, April 9, 2010

what's happenin' round here

a couple days ago, i received the fabrics i had ordered from calico corners. as i unrolled them, this little girl strolled in and found the perfect height chin rest. thank goodness she doesn't drool. the fabric she's resting on is for recovering our kitchen chairs.
do you notice all the upheaval in the background. pixel's in the dining room, which i currently use as an office. across the hall is the formal living room, which we use as a formal living room, which means it never gets used. it's becoming my office. see those french doors? they used to be the entrance to the dining room/current office from the hallway. now they're the entrance to the formal lr/new office. got it. good. the dining room has another not enclosed pass thru into the kitchen so it wasn't a totally enclosed room. which meant i could always see my work. and think about how far behind i am. not good. now my office will be totally enclosed. oh, and the dining room is becoming a dining room again. with a huge farmhouse table and mismatched seating. totally informal.

the color scheme for the new office is chartreuse and purples (aubergines and plums). colors taken from this fabric. i'm going to use to cover my immense inspiration board. it's 3'x4'. i love this fabric. i talked about it here.

in totally unrelated news, i found steve upstairs (in his makeshift greenhouse) the other morning in this position.
if you look closely, there's his cell phone and he was on a conference call at the same time.
he was using needlenose pliers to pluck out the scraggly seedlings. i'm scared.

1 comment:

Millie said...

A love a multi-tasker Pam - MOTH is a true example of the 'Can Only Do One Thing At One Time' kinda bloke. Good on Steve.
Millie ^_^

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