Wednesday, April 7, 2010

one kings lane

i ordered these from one kings lane a couple of weeks ago. they are soaps from lafcony. i have other claus porto soaps. i love their packaging. i have yet to use one of the bars i have. i just keep it around for the pretty wrapping in pretty colors.

my order arrived monday. here's my box of 3 soaps. they were at least 50% off of regular price.

and here's the packaging they arrived in. a bonus. kraft paper, a thank you note,and a candle!
love it! send me my order in simple, neat packaging and with a complimentary item and i'm a customer for life.
ps and yes, since i like to do unto others as i like done unto me, i do send a handwritten note and a complimentary item with purchases made here. i like to thank my customers and let them know that i truly appreciate their business.

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