Tuesday, April 27, 2010

turks & caicos

have you gotten the latest jcrew catalog?

it was shot on the beaches of turks and caicos in the carribean. here's a page out of styling asst allison's behind-the-scenes travel journal from the trip. how awesome is that water and that sky. and i can attest, it really is just like that.

almost 20 years ago i travelled to turks and caicos. i stayed here. it's a club med resort.

(image from here)

it was the ideal vacation for me at that time. i was working as an actuary for a large firm in atlanta fresh out of college. my girlfriend and i needed a vacation. desperately. we'd just ended our busy season at work and had just taken some extremely stressful, extremely challenging actuarial exams. we chose this place. all-inclusive. i wanted all-inclusive. just tell me what time my meals are, and i'm set. i didn't want to make any decisions other than what bathing suit to wear. it was beautiful. the water is clear for forever from the beach. every day i'd stroll down to breakfast, then hit the beach. i'd drag my lounge chair into the surf and read a book. every day. every. day. at dinner everyone would discuss what activities they participated in. i had nothing to contribute. but i did what i came to do. relax. it was wonderful.

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Brittany said...

looks gorgeous! in the words of liz lemon, " i want to go to there..."

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