Tuesday, September 28, 2010

it's a small world

no, really, it is. here's proof.

last week sophie (a seattle-ite, like me, but complete stranger) contacted me via etsy to ask if i wanted to display and sell my stationery at an upcoming event she's organizing. we exchanged a few emails.

a few days later, i went to a garage sale and bought a box of knobs. i photographed them and posted them on my blog.

yesterday, sophie went to my blog and found herself staring at HER KITCHEN KNOBS!

yes, i bought sophie's knobs. she had donated them to a charity garage sale.

sophie and i spoke on the phone today. we agreed we were somehow meant to meet. needless to say, i'm excited for sophie's event. (sophie has upgraded her kitchen and her knobs... to binpulls. i can't wait til she sells those.)


Elizabeth said...

that is too funny. great looking knobs, btw

D.B. said...

GREAT story! I hope the event is very profitable for you, good luck!

jacjewelry said...

Wow! You WERE meant to meet. It's fate.

paula said...

Ha! how great is that!

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