Sunday, September 26, 2010

recent finds of the week

our community garage sale (one of 3 every year) was yesterday and friday. yesterday hubby and i went out scouting. i got these. knobs. heavy, top quality, retro-looking knobs. a box of 40 for $25. yes, that's right. only $25. i spent time yesterday cleaning them and replacing my old kitchen knobs.
my old knob on the left. half a dozen of the old knobs weigh the same as one of the new knobs, they're that heavy.
on the cabinets. and they'll look even better when we have the cabinets painted, wayyyy down the road.
butter dish. $2. i needed a fancy one. i thought it would look good on my rustic farmhouse table.
oil painting from an antique store near pike place market, seattle. i liked it because it reminded me of here, where we live.
bought it and then lost it. well, my sister lost it. she left it propped against the parking booth when she paid our parking lot ticket. we drove 30 mins home only to find out it wasn't in the car. luckily, hubby and brother-in-law were just leaving baseball game downtown and were able to swing by and pick it up. the garage attendant still had it.

mom bought me this print of the seattle market at a little art store on whidbey island where we visited this week. i found the frame in the as-is department of an art store, 75% off. i like it better then if it were not as-is.


jacjewelry said...

Great finds, Pam! Glad you and the painting were reunited. Hope your weekend is going well!

D.B. said...

Wow, did you score BIG! Love it all but especially the amazing deal you got on those knobs! They look great already.

LindsB said...

Really great finds- the pulls make such a difference on your cabinets, love them!

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