Friday, April 15, 2011

black and white

this was one of my favorite images from the new tradhome online magazine that released just a few days ago. (click to enlarge.)

the outdoor space was designed by jolene ballard and amanda malson. there's just something about black and white (this time mixed with shades of pink) that get me every time, especially in an outdoor space. the green of the outdoors complements the black and white so well.

here's another image of black and white in an outdoor space from the same issue, design by jamie herzlinger. pop over here to see more black and white incorporated into the outdoor spaces of this gorgeous home.
and then i remembered this space from one of my favorite bloggers, knight moves. it's her outdoor covered patio.

i popped onto pottery barn. lots of black and white in their outdoor merchandise this season.

including the drapes. just might have to put these on my wish list for the new home in dallas.

1 comment:

paula said...

love the simple palette, yet it still pops. LOVE

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