Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my new favorite restaurant

i could eat sushi 7 days a week. i love it. which is odd, because i didn't eat fish until i was in my late 20s and didn't eat raw fish until several years later. my local sushi restaurant shut down a few weeks ago. steve and i were their best customers. we ate there sometimes twice a week. i'd been going through withdrawals. until kotta! we went to kotta sushi in frisco friday night to celebrate our new house purchase. it was awesome! we sat at the sushi bar. the sushi chef was phenomenal. he really took care of us. the fish was beyond fresh and the service fabulous. the owner even greeted us and chatted for awhile.
and, knowing i was heading back to seattle and not going to have sushi for awhile (at least at my local spot), we ate at kotta again sunday night. it was event better! you must try it if you're in the area. our favorite roll.... the sakura.

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Majid Ali said...
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Cora Bullock said...

Sushi chefs have a way with their practice. Some would call it art, so they would treat customers as respectably as they treat the ingredients for their sushi. Sushi bars have a way of ensuring an excellent dining experience!

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