Tuesday, September 27, 2011

what i've been up to

steve was in ohio this past weekend surprising his mother for her birthday. i worked on some projects around the house. of course.

i bought this picture at a garage sale for $1 before we left seattle. i bought it for the frame.
here's a sneak peek of what i'm doing with it. i found this super fun fabric in albuquerque nm on our road trip from seattle to dallas. it's the ghastlies by alexander henry. and i painted the frame hot pink. it'll be a quirky addition on a dining room wall.
i also spent a lot of time framing some of my favorite artwork and hanging a small gallery wall in our breakfast nook/desk area. you'll see more of this area when i recover and paint the chairs in here. fabric for those is on the way.
and, steve and i went to homegoods last night! my first trip ever. yes, ever. washington state doesn't have a homegoods. somebody needs to rectify that.

ummm, maybe we hit it on a bad night, but i was expecting a little bit more. we did buy a pair of these lamps for our master bedroom, but sadly they don't work in the bedroom like i thought. love the lamps, but i'll be returning them and maybe picking up another pair i saw.
and lastly, occupying my time this morning was a trip to the dentist. ugh. i hate dentists. nothing personal to all you dentists out there. steve and i literally had dental check ups on our last day living in seattle so we wouldn't have to deal with finding a dentist here in dallas right away. yesterday while eating my lunch, i forgot to take the fork out of my mouth before biting down and chipped my front tooth. yikes. small chip, but still, it needed attention. nothing like going to a new dentist and having him work on your oh-so-obvious front tooth. but he did a fantastic job. and i'm snaggletooth no longer.


kathy said...

It is too bad the lamps didn't work out like you imagined. They are great! I must admit I did the same silly thing you did while biting down. It required a bit of something at the dentist. I hardly remember, it has been awhile. But, I vividly remember that sound and sick feeling I had when it occurred. Augh!

Holly said...

LOVE the frame and the printed fabric - very very cool. :)

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