Friday, February 17, 2012

on the hunt...

for a laundry room sink. when we purchased our house a few months ago, we asked the builders to leave the plumbing stubs in the laundry room so that we could build a sink area when we were ready, versus them installing a sink. they did. and now we're ready.

we're searching for that sink. at first we thought we wanted a true square sink, like this.
then we realized that our #1 use for this sink will be to wash pixel. so i started looking for dog grooming sinks. this popped up. and it's perfect. 3 ' x 2'. sprayer. perfect to wash pixel (and her sibling, when we bite the bullet and get another puppy) and perfect for gardening tools, muddy boots, etc, as it's right inside the garage door.

but lordy, it's expensive. i understand that it's stainless steel and that stainless is always pricier. but again, lordy.

and how awesome would it look with a burlap skirt around its frame like this...

how about you.... do you have a sink in your laundry room?

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kathy said...

It is expensive. But, oh so awesome. I never knew they existed, but would be wonderful.

Holly said...

Yes, I do, but it's not a very exciting one, and we don't have a dog to wash in it, so wouldn't consider buying one like that. I do like the burlap skirt idea though - very cool. :)

Karen said...

I am looking for a sink to wash my dog (mutt, similar to a Labradoodle), and like you, am finding only expensive ones. If you find something more reasonable, please post it!

beth said...

greetings! thank you kindly for showing my laundry room. mine is the one with the slate blue walls and burlap skirted folding station.

i know this photo has been floating around and lost it's links back to me so if you would kindly link it to my blog i would sure appreciate it!

infact...i invite your over to my corner of the world to see it in the early stages and more details!

thanks for lovin' it as much as we do!

happy day!

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